06 June 2008

sunday scribblings #114 - my nights


if you’re a swede, you’ll drom, in holland you’ll droom --- in german it’s traum, and if you’re really heavy into latin, it derives from dormire – for those of us who live in the anglo-saxon, we’ll dream when we crash ---
what is a dream??? --- well, an ordinary dream is the brain activity of a sleeping person – it leaves its traces on the waking state --- dreams are fickle and easily influenced – they can arise from bodily sensations – one too many pieces of pizza churning away? – or be the result of previous waking thoughts --- has your one and only been a real jerk for the past day or two???
recording and interpreting dreams has been done for centuries --- dreams and their meanings are not only unique and individual, but also full of symbolism and messages ---
what, for instance do colors signify??? --- beige is the tone of neutrality, blue denotes harmony, pink is representative of love, and white signifies purity --- purple or violet (my own personal favorite) is said to be associated with aristocracy --- if you have a personal signature color, it might interest you to check out its meaning ---
everything in the dream world is symbolic --- clothing, objects, places, colors, even animals ---
i dream a lot about parrots and monkeys, always in vivid hues --- a talking animal is said to stand for wisdom and magical communication – right on!!! --- when you conjure up monkeys in your slumber, they show mischief and humor – that wily coyote is a trickster or a rogue – lions? – you guessed it! – nobility, strength, and pride ---
remember we each live in two different worlds --- you’re already well acquainted with the daytime you on the go with school, work, chores, and all the rest of the minutiae that comprises our lives --- take a glance over your shoulder, and you’ll catch sight of the nighttime you not very far behind – get to know that midnight mind that you have and enjoy your other half –
some people like to keep a dream journal, but be quick about it on awakening before the mysteries evaporate in the light of day --- dreams are teases and flirts!!! ---
represented by the picture is a dream I had several years ago --- because of divorce and distance, I saw very little of my father after about age eight - but he was prince charming to me none the less, probably because he was never the disciplinarian or the constant presence, and so he had a sort of a mystique about him, the unknown – whatever!!! --- when I was round about half past forty or so, somebody showed me a very old picture of him – he was a dreamy looking young man, just about 30, and he was sitting beside his elegant new ‘37 black packard coupe – WOW!!! – the photo is on the hard drive in my mind --- came as no surprise to me when I had this most beautiful dream – and you know, it seemed like so much more than just a dream, it was just all that vivid and left me with its feeling to this day --- astral planing??? --- in any event, it moved me to capture it on paper - not only with my words, but also with my paper and colored pencils ---


the daylight was deep, heavy as lead, and unnaturally dark, but the all encompassing peace and serenity left it void of things sinister or threatening --- the silence was so loud and thundering that all sound was muted to the point of total deafness –
the virgin blanket of snow was extremely deep and soft, but not wet despite the massive accumulation – a frosty feathery down tick available for any and all on which to flop --- huge sparkling clods of white arctic dust slid like slippery oversized cotton balls from over laden low hanging boughs, leaving immense snow craters where they smashed into the landscape with a fwoomp! that went unheard –
the vehicle encountered no resistance or problem as it powered through the bottomless cold powder --- the pristine winding wake told the tale of its progress, but the stillness absorbed even the barest sound of snow being thrown aside as it went on smoothly –
as the sleek black panther moved effortlessly through the ponderous dismal light, it glided beneath towering stately conifers which accepted its presence graciously --- they bowed gracefully under their mighty load and intersected above the track, forming long dim tunnels even less illumined than the daylight dark –
the nearly overpowering embrace of nature's majesty and grandeur flipped all sense of self down side up - the self became minute --- in contrast, the mint condition '37 jet black coupe became as titanic as a hercules bomber –
the infinitesimal self was deeply, almost totally sunken into its richly appointed interior, nearly an integral part of the silken soft alabaster leather-
the inner sanctum was replete with sensory experiences --- each was rich and full in and of itself; however, none was overwhelming –
the man's hands on the wheel were slender, tanned copper, and relaxed --- an elegant but conservative diamond sat comfortably on his right ring finger --- his subtle cologne reeked of money --- his three piece suit seemed to be woven of smoke colored butter, and the hand waxed patina on his ebony kid Wellingtons was flawless --- his lightly starched shirt was as white as the snow outside –
the custom upholstered seats oozed their smell of fresh and new --- every knob, every handle, every surface was spotless --- the immaculate pale grey carpet was so deep and plush as to tempt a rest in the arms of morpheus - the radio was off --- the lack of sound enhanced the pervasive silence, rather than exaggerated it –
her microscopic self was costumed in a full length, hand tailored, winter white chesterfield coat, accented by a black velvet collar --- blazing white anklets trimmed with lace were shoed in black patent leather whose shine rivalled that of the man's boots --- black ermine embraced her head and tied beneath her chin, leaving only her golden bangs visible above her sun bronzed face –
together they presented a gentle portrait of compatible companionship --- neither evidenced fear or frustration as their ship moved stealthily through their surreal surroundings --- they rode in their own cocoon of silence, clearly not unsettled by the wondrous strange in which they found themselves ---


GreenishLady said...

What an incredibly rich and detailed portrayal of your dream! And the picture, too - very strong image. I've gone through phases of working with dreams, and always find it very rewarding. When I write a dream, I write it in present-tense, and I find it makes a difference. Do you ever do that?

alister said...

What a neat presentation, Night Life! The coolest, controlled barrage of the most interesting and out-there thoughts transitioning fluidly, easily, assuredly, a brook of words…

TD said...

Reading this I could easily become part of the dream, it puts you there. Great writing! TD