17 January 2009

sunday scribblings --- #146 -- pilgrimage

moon horse

kindly and quietly, softly and gently
i float my form,
as like a phantasm i come to rest
on the muted silhouette of his back
my silent silvery mount
moves without a sound and surely – unerringly
he passes perfectly
along the paths created by the luminescent orb
beneath whose light we go
following the shafts of light and shadow it creates
with flawless precision
i ride with the poise of a naïve trust
knowing not where we may go
nor yet of our arrival
just riding
a certainty begins to imbue my soul
trust abounds - limitless
as i recall that it is not about the destination
but rather the journey itself
the breezes play soft music
which passes through my core
and back out from me
to return to the moonlit secrecy from which it arose
my soul reverberates –
a tune further than this time and place
and it pleases me
quietude surrounds my essence on my magical hajj
and for one mute and precious moment
all is well
graphic from the cover of "moonhorse" by mary pope osborne


Granny Smith said...

It's the journey itself that matters and you beautifully describe your moonlight pilgrimage to somewhere on a mystical steed.

Michelle said...

How lovely! The pilgrimage IS the journey, and yours is so eloquently, and beautifully written!

(YAY - you're back! Just had to throw that in!)


I'm still tossing about ideas for this prompt, I might just bail on it. Especially after reading something so wonderful as this. I suk! haha!!

anthonynorth said...

Beautifully written. A true pilgrimage.

Tumblewords: said...

I rather like mystical pilgrimages! Really enjoyed reading this one...

alister said...

Oh that is niiiice, says to me the daimon guides us on in life and all we can do is trust he won’t crash us. But we worry nevertheless, most of the time, except for one mute precious moment here and there.

Glad you’re back, danni

MISS badAss

present said...

"i ride with the poise of a naïve trust
knowing not where we may go
nor yet of our arrival the path so well. " This is beauty! A beautiful poem about the journey.

Devil Mood said...

I'll take the two smallest expressions that sum it all: 'just riding' and 'all is well'. Indeed.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

beautiful, once again Danni. I like that you are letting the free style poem flow..so brave.
ps I gave you an award, go to my blog to check it out.