19 April 2009

ss - #159 - language

his gaze lingered on her
she cast down her eyes
that he might look longer
without being known

they walked hand in hand
along the shore’s edge
unmindful of the stares -
a world known only to them

they danced all alone on
each new years eve
clad in flannel pajamas -
unspoken renewal of their commitment

they sat outside
on velvet soft nights
each drinking in the other -
punctuated only by sighs of contentment

at the end of his days
she curled softly and gently beside him
she crooned anthems of love that had no words
and lovingly stoked his hair and his face

words uncalled for
redundant --- superfluous
all is communicated
in their language of love


anthonynorth said...

A language that certainly doesn't need words. You said it well.

floreta said...

romantic and sexy!

Pam said...

Sometimes the action is all the words that are needed. Very nice.

alister said...

danni, danni… I have missed you. You’ve been gone from SS for three weeks. I’ve been trying to live too large, do too many things. And doggamit, danni, with this post you continue to make me glad no handsome man like yours has hooked me bad, deadly bad. This was exquisite. Everything between a man and a woman is in your first stanza. Everything is in a woman’s eyes casting down to allow a man to look on forever. Forever in the shortness of this life. Thank dog ;-)
w/love, Miss A